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Less is more – this tagline applies to our collections.

We are firmly believing that minimalism is, and would always be timeless, while the quality of products that we offer would make them long-lasting.

DABSTORY is a brand that offers high-quality interior design products, made in Poland in their entirety. Minimalist bathroom accessories are the primary product segment in which DABSTORY thrives. Furthermore, the offer now also includes accessories and furniture for kitchens and living rooms.

At the design stage, we take great care of fusing the minimalist design with practical applications. We take great care of the quality of our products. All of the components above are to ultimately form timeless products that would not lose their freshness, as the trends go flying by. We also design them for years of usable lifetime.


Let the place tell the story! Make the Home the place of your story!

Let’s write it down together!